To shine “The Light” of the uncompromised gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching, preaching and music ministry. To bring an awakening to the people of the world and enlarge the Kingdom of God.

TRACEY BARBOUR MINISTRIES is doing the work of God through our  global missions,  books, television and radio broadcasts, conferences, retreats, leadership summits, men’s recovery facility, teen mentorship programs, women in leadership training, intercessory prayer training, praise and worship, audio & video teachings, nights of worship and community outreach.

We are being true to the mission and the call –  We are doing our part!  Through our dedicated team and with the help of our financial partners we are causing an awakening to the truth of the power and authority that belongs to every person who has received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. God has empowered us, The Body of Christ, to rise up in His power, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, and take from the kingdom of darkness all the cities, states, nations and regions for the Kingdom of God. 

We are vessels pouring water to the world.

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